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4 X Clint

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4 Clint Faraday Mysteries, among the favorites in the series. #2 Daybreak, A man was threatened by a mobster. Clint investigates to find counterfeit money and major scam - but not by the mobster. #10 ... Or So the Gods Said. Clint is on the bus with a religious fanatic. That is not a real problem - but there is a murder everywhere this man goes. He is simply not the kind who would kill a mouse in the kitchen - is he? Who is the blue-eyed amn, and what is his connection? The two phoney government agents who can't tell the same story twice the same way? #19 A Moving Target. Planes are being shot down by the Indios. Where did they get anything that would shoot down planes, and why? Was there some kind of SF weapon being used? #24 Death Walks Beside Me. A very sad man is met near the comarca. Every time he meets someone and becomes close friends, they are murdered, or have fatal accidents. Is it someone from his past? Why? What does a pedophile ring have to do with it?

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