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Guardians of the Backwater

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Guardians of the Backwater is a story about a freelance Journalist, Philip McKenna, who accidentally stumbles upon meeting several local members of the CIA and one of their underworld assets. Philip loved to write and also loved the best coffee in town, and these two desires led him to a coffee shop where three operatives also enjoyed their daily ritual of a hot cup of java. Through casual conversation, Philip became acquainted with, and a regular of, what he termed: The Coffee Club! This led to many clandestine conversations where Philip, as a journalist, couldn't wait to get to the next meeting, hoping to hear something that might help him to write another great story. However, the Coffee Club members soon became suspicious, which caught the ear of the local CIA Chief of Station. Wanting to guard their local operations, some of them highly illegal, the chief of station, gave the head nod to "deal with the problem" of Philip's possible snooping activities. This led to an adventure that will take the reader across the world to two areas, one known as the loneliest place on earth! A contributor to this global adventure is a rare dream-gift that Philip possesses, which gives him warnings of upcoming clandestine activities, allowing him to escape all the underworlds dangerous nets. Guardians of the Backwater will make you laugh, cry, and will renew your love of country. It will also reveal some very dark secrets of the spy world.

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