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Unsinkable (and other stories)

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Three adventurous and brilliant stories.
UNSINKABLE. How can a simple hub, as soon as a boy, have any hope with the woman he falls in love with, Lady Stuart, one of England's most powerful nobles? When a pirate vessel attacks the ship where they are both traveling, the impossible happens. Lady Stuart notices him. He even saves his life. And this is just the beginning of an unforgettable adventure.
HANDS IN PASTA. Typical day of a family mother, who in addition to cooking must also manage the complex relationships that bind every inhabitant of the house. To succeed, it is forced to use very unconventional methods.
LOST ITEMS. For Patrizia it is the beginning of a nightmare. Those two children claim to be her sons. They accuse you of abandoning them. But she has no children. How to try it? How to convince that policeman that it must be a misunderstanding?

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