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Inside Me In The Cell - Kimmy Welsh

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I’m sorry, I said, turning to him now and looking up over his chest into his face.  I want to make it up to you.

My head pressed against his pecs as I began to slide down him.

What are you doing, Stephie? he asked, at first curious and suddenly much more animated.

I began to kiss his t-shirt as I descended, slipping against his thigh as I moved to the floor and draped myself over him.

He shifted in his seat as he looked down at me with an expression of shock on his face.

I want to make it up to you, I repeated, finding myself between his legs now and staring down at his packet.

Sheriff Matthews made no real attempt to move and the next time I looked into his eyes he appeared to have composed himself, seeming much more controlled and commanding.

What do you have in mind? he asked, with just the slightest suggestive rise in his eyebrows.

Watch and find out, I said, harnessing every ounce of confidence.  I’d never been remotely close to a hard cock before in my life and yet here I was, about to take the Sheriff in my mouth.

I struggled with his belt and he quickly moved a hand to help, expertly sliding it through the loops of his jeans and pulling it open.

The next barrier was the buttons of his fly, but I could more than cope with that.

I popped each one