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His Naughty Camp - Kimmy Welsh

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Creampie, he said suddenly.  Ever had one of those?

I was startled by his question but the answer was easy.

Nope, I said, almost happy with myself.

Never, huh? he said and he took a quick scratch at his cock to make it move beneath his Calvins.

I’m—uhm—a virgin, I confessed.

Oh, he said simply, and then looked down to his cock that showed no sign of flagging.  Sorry.

I giggled.  You don’t have to be sorry.

I know, sorry, he said, and then let out a short laugh at himself.  It’s your body.

Thanks, Mr. Darmody.

And what a body, I might add.

I squeezed my shoulders to my chin and let them drop as I blushed.  Stop it.

Just speaking the truth, he said, and then he let his eyes linger on mine again.

We both seemed to share a lust for each other and you could sense it between us.  We were so close to each other and so secluded in the tent that night that it seemed inevitable that something else should happen.

You look pretty good too, I said slowly, letting my eyes drop to his cock and making sure he knew exactly what I was looking at.

Would you like to see? he ventured carefully.

I moved a hand to the crotch of my panties and rubbed my fingers down my groove. 

Would you? I asked, raising an eyebrow.

Mr. Darmody tried