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Swingers Erotica 5: More Triple X Stories to Tantalise

Length: 71 pages1 hour


Ten individual stories of sexual swinging scenarios, with explicit sexual content. Siobhan, Stan, Heidi and Harley; first timers meet with regulars. Daria, Daniel, Hope and Hank; drift back together after vowing to give each other up. Andrea; arriving single. Ronnie, Ryan, Dana and Dominic; sharing a beach villa and each other. Penny, Phil, Katy and Kev; Blind swinger date. Carla, Chas, Enid and Eric; unintentional swingers. Alice, Anton, Selena and Simon; a final session. Helena, Howie, Catherine and Corey; making the grade. Farah, Fabian, Irma and Isiah; getting carried away. Maria, Michael, Rachel and Roger; last minute hook up.

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