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Campaigning in the Philippines

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“WHEN the idea of compiling an historical account of the operations of the American forces in the Philippine Islands was conceived, the war clouds had nearly all disappeared from the horizon, and all that remained were those caused by the prospect of trouble with the insurgents, which, however, were not supposed to be serious. It was expected that the volunteer regiments would be speedily replaced by regulars, who would only be needed for policing the islands.

“It was intended, therefore, to give in this book an accurate description of the campaign, from Dewey’s great victory to the return of the volunteers, and, in addition, a brief description of the islands. It was also proposed to publish special editions of the book for each of the volunteer regiments, which would contain, in addition to the foregoing, a detailed account of the experience of the regiments from date of mustering into service as volunteers to their return to the United States. In order to obtain this information, it was found necessary to go to Manila, and consequently on December 24, 1898, MR. KARL IRVING-FAUST, to whom is due the credit of having conceived and carried into execution this work, sailed from San Francisco on the steamer Gaelic, bound for Manila via Hong Kong, with plans and prospectus for compiling such a book.

“Arriving at Manila on February 2, 1899, it soon became apparent that the plans must be changed. Dark foreboding clouds were hanging over the city, and for more than a month there had been ominous rumors of an outbreak of hostilities Two days later the expected happened, and the real campaign of the Eighth Army Corps commenced in dead earnest.[…]”

Richly illustrated throughout.

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