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The Jungleers: A History of the 41st Infantry Division

Length: 305 pages5 hours


“This book gives the history of your unprecedented accomplishments over a period of four years of combat in World War II. They were, for many of you, painful years through which you fought your way valiantly, step by step, from Australia to the distant final objective, Japan. The magnificent manner in which our Division relentlessly met, defeated, and pursued the enemy shall forever be an inspiration to all military men who believe in Democracy and Freedom.

“Herein are transcribed names and events which will help those who were not there to understand; and will be for those of us who stood together a permanent record of some of the experiences we shared. It is not possible to set down the full story in writing. Only a hint of the real hardships, sufferings and anxieties which we experienced; of the courage, determination, and heroism demonstrated in alt units, can be given. The full story can only be known by those who participated.”

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