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The "Final Truth" of The Book of Revelation: Part One: A Dramatic History...The Birth of the Beast Part Two: The Trial of Contemporary "End-Times" Doctrine

Length: 1,005 pages13 hours


The unique clarity and detailed content of this work of Truth, is not the product of "speculation," nor "opinion," nor "wishful thinking," nor "dramatics" imposed for the purpose of entertainment…Nor is it a compilation of words, merely to fill the pages of a book…But, this God-driven work of "Truth," is the result of many months of intense, personal communication with the Lord of Creation, the Holy Spirit, as the Lord purposefully and relentlessly guided, snatched, pulled and grabbed, a "child of God" who would "rest" on nothing less than the absolute Truth of God's Word. This "child of God" has now been allowed to "rest," as God's intended understanding, of that which is referred to Biblically as the "end of the days," and the Lord's true "purpose" for The Revelation of Jesus Christ, and all associated scripture, has been accomplished…Such words will "heap coals of fire onto the heads" of those who consider themselves "wise" in their own minds…Those who, for decades, have "confused" the masses, with remarkably empty wisdom, on God's intended understanding of His Biblical "end of the days," the "latter days," the "last time," the "last hour."

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