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How to Escape the Pit-Fall of Wrong Marriage - Ingozi M. Bernard

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Watchfulness is a requirement in the pursuit of the one you wish to commit the rest of your life to! It is generally believed that love is blind. If love is blind, marriage is like a trip to the optometrist’s office, warns an 81-year-old priest from New Jersey in a book for women designed to help them evaluate whether the man they’re dating is marriage material.

There are many types of men/women, different characteristics and different personalities. However, you can only see the real quality and personality of a person after proving them for a sufficient period of time.

There are certain type of men/women that you should not get involved with if you want a successful life and marriage. If you are presently involved in a relationship with any of them, now is the time to dump them!

For instance, never marry a man/woman, whom you’ve just met! You have to know their background or their family history. Who knows if he/she is in your close kin, first cousin or your sister for example? Incest is not just the reason why close relatives shouldn’t marry with each other; the genes (recessive and dominant traits) are the number one reason why. If you do, there’s a big possibility that you can produce a Trisonomy 3 child, not good for building a family.

Not all that glitters is gold. The market of marriage is full of ready-made men/women in hunt of non-suspecting people. There is no jail like that of ending up in marriage with the person you hate and have no respect for.

Look before you lip is a value you can’t throw out in search for a promising life partner. Be wise! The scripture says, a wise man sees trouble ahead and takes another route, but a fool walks on until he falls in it! You must be sure of the man/woman you entrust to or not the rest of your life!

Chapter One

The Men to Keep-Off!

It’s easy to steer off course while searching for Mr. Right. Fear of being alone, the idea of love conquers all, the belief that a man can be changed by the love of the right woman - these are all reasons that women marry Mr. Wrong. If you’re thinking about marrying someone, look over this list to make sure your guy isn’t on it. These are the men - in no particular order - you should never marry.

1. Abusive

The phrase abusive husband brings to mind black eyes, broken bones, and shouting that can be heard by all the neighbors. While this type of abuse seems obvious, there are other, more subtle forms abuse can take.

If he belittles you, tells you that you're worthless, or insults you - that's abuse. If he coerces or forces you to do things that make you uncomfortable - dressing a certain way when you go out, acting a specific way in front of his friends - that's abuse. If he forces you to have sex or to perform sexual acts that you're uncomfortable with - that's abuse. Abusive men rarely change, even after counseling. If the man you're with exhibits abusive behavior, get out of the relationship. Whatever you do, don't marry the abusive man.

2. Distant

Classic Hollywood films often show the strong, silent type. A man who needs nothing and no one. He's left humanity behind, and he like it that way. In the movies, he's usually rescued from himself by a woman who tears down the wall he's erected and leads him back