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Mail Order Bride: The Brides Of Paradise: Standalone Stories 4-6: Grace - Series & Collections

Length: 174 pages2 hours


MAIL ORDER BRIDE: The Brides Of Paradise Collection

Book #4: Cora - Paradise Lost And Found

1875, New York City. Irish immigrant and widow Cora McGuinness struggles to make ends meet working as a maid and living in a tenement building with her ten-year-old daughter, Shannon. Cora thought all her dreams of a new life had died along with her husband, but her perspective quickly changes when Shannon becomes ill and Cora must take drastic actions to ensure her care. In desperation, Cora turns to the “bride wanted” ads to escape harsh, merciless New York City. 

Book #5: Arabella - Emotions Entwined

1878. Arabella Claremont graduates from boarding school in Chicago. The girls of her dorm will soon return home, marry their fiancés, travel, or take their chances on bride wanted ads in the Chicago papers. But when Arabella sees an ad placed by an old friend from Paradise, she must resist her feelings and help her best friend Mary win his heart instead... 

Book #6: Opal - A Diamond In The Rough

1875. Opal Cushing is a swindler and a drifter--she’s been on her own making ends meet for her two younger siblings since she was twelve. At eighteen, Opal began answering bride-wanted ads of the wealthiest men she could find, with the intent of absconding with a considerable portion of their wealth just before the wedding ceremony. But when Opal answers the bride-wanted ad of the wealthiest man in Paradise, Iowa, her usual plan gets interrupted when genuine emotion gets in the way. 

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Tags: Mail Order Bride Romance, Historical Sweet Religious Christian Frontier Western Romance, Historical Short Stories & Series

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