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Netwalker Uprising: Netwalk Sequence

Length: 491 pages7 hours


In a post-apocalypse recovery future, how can Melanie Fielding find a way to protect her family and her business from virtual attacks by opponents from beyond the grave who have uploaded to Netwalk and are now Netwalkers? Not every Netwalker acknowledges Melanie's authority.  Melanie must ally with her treacherous Netwalker grandmother, Sarah Stephens, to battle the rogues.

But can she trust Sarah? Can she trust her mother Diana, Sarah's living host, who is obsessed by the need for Melanie to produce an heir? What is the truth about the artefact called Gizmo? Melanie must find the answers to these questions while protecting herself and her loved ones as well as her company against those who seek to neutralize and destroy her.

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