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Colossians: The Preacher's Bible Companion

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It takes much time and effort to study the Bible. But it is always time and effort that is well spent. Every faithful approach to the Bible is profitable.

This new publication aims to help in our study of the Bible. While it will be of much use to preachers it will also help everyone who desires to study Scripture.

This book mines the wealth of commentators from years past to bring to your reading their insights and understanding.

The Preacher's Bible Companion highlights the passage of Scripture that is being considered and then provides commentary on the passage from 5 theologians: John Calvin, Adam Clarke, Matthew Henry, Matthew Poole and Charles H. Spurgeon.

These comments are for you to read, think upon and make use of in understanding the verses before you.

In this volume we bring you these commentaries on Paul's Epistle to the Colossians.

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