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A long-lost, dark secret filled with immense knowledge and power from the ancient biblical times is discovered in the mid-sixties, and its exposure threatens to bring about unimaginable terror- the apocalypse. While an old cult and nightmarish creatures plague the darkest parts of a Gothic city known as Raven City, sacred scrolls and supernatural items must not fall into the wrong hands, thereby unleashing an infamous icon from the past, the very first vampire, known as "The Eater of the Tree."
In a game of mysticism, suspense, deception, greed, love, betrayal and death, a group of unlikely friends: a detective, a paranormal investigator, a priest, and a mysterious girl will have to work together in a quest to prevent the apocalypse. But some of them have dark secrets and deadly desires that threaten the strength of their fellowship. Can they trust each other? Will they succeed in their quest? Will they escape the apocalypse?
Will they even survive?

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