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13 Tales of Horror from the East

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Our Earth is a living world. In this world exist many worlds, some of which may not be living...Sometimes the thin lines between “what we know” and “what we fear to find out” are crossed with dire consequences.

13 Tales of Horror From the East is one such collection of the lives of real people whose paths were crossed, when fear was the only emotion felt, when death was the only way out, when love proved it can conquer the unknown. Some like Chaman Bi and Pasha didn’t survive to tell their side of it, may their souls rest in peace.

Every story is unique from the other and bound to change your perception of the world you live in, just as it changed the lives of the people who encountered them. Every story is still a mystery that will leave you doubting your existence. Read through these pages at your own risk, as an icy cold wave will rush through your spine and you will start seeing shadows in the dark!

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