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The Complete Insatiable Werewolf Bundle
The Complete Insatiable Werewolf Bundle
The Complete Insatiable Werewolf Bundle
Ebook1,963 pages33 hours

The Complete Insatiable Werewolf Bundle

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this ebook


This Insatiable werewolf bundle contains all 12 Books of the Samsa family of werewolves. This collection will stir your emotions with hours of reading enjoyment.    


It contains a complete set of books about the Samsa werewolf triplets, Wilder, Lycell and Drayton and how they came to be werewolves. And their love for one woman who stole their hearts and bore their offspring to create the largest werewolf pack in the Americas.


Adrienne the mate to the Samas werewolves wanted nothing more than to be loved and she found all she needed or wanted with a pack of werewolves. But being the mate of three fierce Alpha werewolves come with a price. Can they share this human without jealousy and infighting tearing them apart which could destroy their fragile existence as werewolves among men?


Will an envious werewolf from another pack, make them all pay a price when he takes Adrienne away and kidnaps her young son Hunter, and leaves him to the elements in a barren part of Alaska?   


 Her first born Hunter, and his brothers will discover adventure, love, and pain when they try to leave the pack to discover life and mate when they venture into cities, only to return to find the loves of their lives, and father their own pups.


Will the fight over females strain the unity of the pack and threatened its existence?


Will the threat from a cunning and vicious werewolf, the threat of a lion shifter, and the threat from men bring the pack together, or will too many dangers and deceptions tear the pack apart and leave it weak?


Discover the answers with this complete Insatiable Werewolf series.  


PublisherRachel E Rice
Release dateMar 15, 2018
The Complete Insatiable Werewolf Bundle
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Rachel E Rice

Rachel E. Rice enjoys writing in different genres. As an Indie author she explores genres to find her voice. She has written contemporary romance, erotic romance, new adult, historical and science fiction. When she's not writing she is reading poetry. She has a BA and is a member of Romance Writers of America. 

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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    Book preview

    The Complete Insatiable Werewolf Bundle - Rachel E Rice

    A Bride for a Werewolf

    Prequel to Insatiable Werewolf Series

    By Rachel E Rice

    Copyright 2017 by Rachel E Rice

    Chapter One

    It had been hours driving back to San Francisco from Colorado. He didn’t know why he didn’t

    fly and why he needed to drive. But of course he did know. There were no flights through this snow storm.

    He had to see a girl he had just met in one of his college classes. And he thought he was in love. And he couldn’t wait until she returned from her vacation with her friends.

    If you want to see me again, I’m staying at this lodge, she had said walking out early of the large lecture room. Her long blond hair flowing casually down her back. Her tight jeans fitting in all the right places. As she passed his seat, she discreetly handed him a note with her name and her telephone number on it, and the location of the lodge she was staying in Summit County. 

    Traveling back to San Francisco he didn’t expect it to get dark as early as it had. He didn’t think about much not since he met Elisabeth. His head was in the clouds after she kissed him and his eyes had blinders on where only she mattered. Thinking of nothing but her pretty face, he climbed into his SUV and drove into a blinding snow storm.

    When he had time to think he knew he must have been a fool to travel there alone and then drive back, but he was young and foolish and in love. And he had to get back to San Francisco to see about his ailing father.

    As he passed a sign on the winding road it read, WATCH OUT FOR DEER. WATCH OUT FOR LANDSLIDES. Holding tight on the wheel, driving slow, and blinking his eyes trying to see through the windshield because of the accumulation of snow covering his windows, he manage to see the signs just as he reached them and passed them.

    He wiped his brow from nervousness and when his hand dropped to the steering wheel, he leaned forward trying to make out what was standing in the road. When he put on his breaks the car slid and with a loud bang it hit something.

    Not used to driving because he didn’t need to, he made one mistake, and went on to make a series of mistakes. 

    Whatever hit the Range Rover, it felt as if someone dropped a large sack of sand on it, and its front end buckled. The SUV came to a stop. He turned off the ignition. He couldn’t see what was lying across the road. It looked like a large animal in the front of his car. It didn’t appear to be an elk.

    He knew what a deer looked like. There were no large antlers on this animal.

    Stepping out into the snow, it reached high above his ankles. He looked around and there were no lights except for the ones coming from his car lamps. Walking around to the front, he saw what appeared to be a large dog. He wondered where it could have come from, and then through the trees there appeared lights from a farm.

    Taking a deep breath, he knew what he had to do. He had to get the animal out of the way. When it fell it straddled the middle of the road. The snow appeared waist deep on the left side. Where the animal lay it seemed the only way he could pass without risking snow getting under the carriage or getting the SUV stuck.

    He didn’t know much about a Range Rover, other than it was good in the snow, but snow as deep as this, he thought there was no way he would try to drive around or through it. He would stay on the road. 

    Looking at the animal he studied how he could lift the dog, and bring him to his car. It was so large. It appeared the size of a bear. He didn’t know there were dogs or wolves that size. But in a forest, there could be anything. This was the animal’s home, and he was just another man invading territory where he didn’t belong.

    Reaching down, he took a large breath, and grabbed the dog by his shoulders dragging him to the right of the road. When he had him out of his path, he noticed that the large dog was still breathing. He ran back to the car to get a blanket.

    Opening the hatch he took out a blanket, and rushed back to lay it across the animal. As he was bending to cover its head, the dog opened his mouth and as Harper blinked, the dog with a snap of his jaws, bit down on Harper’s shoulder.

    Quick he pulled back in surprise and fright. He turned and started running to the car. That animal had taken a piece out of his hooded Parka piercing his skin. 

    Oh shit. What the fuck? Harper shouted and rushed for the handle on the door. Nervous he pulled and pulled at the handle opening the door and then jumped inside the SUV. He had to get to the hospital. Harper started the SUV and took off. When he looked back all he saw was the blanket. The dog had disappeared.

    Driving thirty miles to the next town, the first thing he saw was a sign to a hospital. Getting off at the first exit, he drove to the emergency entrance, and he jolted out of the car running and holding his shoulder.

    A young intern caught him as he barreled through the doors with blood oozing from his shoulder. You need attention. What happened to you?

    I was bit by a large dog, Harper said breathless pulling off his coat. The intern cut off Harper’s shirt to examine his wounds.

    This doesn’t look like a dog bite. You were bit by a wolf. But this doesn’t look like any wound a wolf would make. The fangs appears too large. You need medical attention now. And I need you to stay here for a week to study you.

    I can’t do that.

    You will need to stay until you’ve taken these shots. If you miss one, I can’t be certain what will happen. Do you want to risk dying?

    No, of course not. Now that he found the love of his life he didn’t want to die.

    Then do as I say and stay put. Everything else can wait.

    If he died without having children it would be the end of the Samsa line. Robert Samsa, his father, was an only child, and his mother Charlotte was an only child, and Harper was an only child. He wanted to live long enough to have many children. And he saw that happening with the girl he drove through blinding snow and treacherous roads to be with.

    After placing him into a room, the intern brought in a doctor to examine him. They both agreed that it had been a wolf bite. None they had seen before. Something as big as a bear. Maybe an old wolf was one thought, but the marks on Harper’s shoulders proved that it could have been something younger.

    Before dozing off to sleep, Harper thought about Elisabeth and how much he wanted her to be his bride. 

    His entire final year in college had been devoted to talking to her over the phone and seeing her occasionally in school. She always had a reason why he couldn’t see her or take her out on a date. She was the one who had been busy. And even if he had, he would have made time for her.

    The date at the ski lodged in Colorado would have been his only chance to get to know her before they graduated and that’s why he made that insane journey. 

    One date with Elisabeth was all he had since he met her, and she had brought along a girlfriend, and he was eager for more. But it was enough for Harper. He wanted to spend his life with Elisabeth.

    Just the thought of her gave him chills with anticipation of the next time, but when he arrived there, he received a call from Michael telling him that he needed to get back to San Francisco soon because his father had fallen deathly ill.

    When he arrived at the lodge he settled into his room and called Elisabeth, but she had been on the slopes. When she returned to the lodge, she freshen up, spoke with friends and then called him in his room.

    Harper, this is Elisabeth. He sat up in the bed.

    When can I see you? I drove.

    You drove through a storm? she laughed. You must really like me or you’re insane.

    But of course I love you, and yes, I’m insane in love with you. I can’t stop thinking about you. I’ve been telling you this from the day I met you.

    Meet me in the lobby in fifteen minutes. I need time to relax first, Elisabeth said.

    Waiting around and pacing the length of the oversized room, Harper watched at the clock. It didn’t look like it would change. Fifteen minutes was a long time, he thought. He watched outdoors as the heavy snow fell and blanket the area. He thought of his sick father, and thought of how selfish he had been to leave him. His father said he understood how a young man feels when he’s in love, but Harper wondered if his father truly understood the desires and needs of a young man.

    Watching out the window and waiting for Elisabeth, he had time to watch at some of the skiers hopping off the lift, and noticing some who took the ski lifts to start their accent. Harper remembered why he never learned to ski. The first time his father took him to the slopes, he broke his leg, and his father wouldn’t bring him again.

    Robert Samsa said when Harper begged him, I’m not going to risk the life of my only son. And that was that, and he never took him again. Harper felt he had been too protective.

    Watching at the clock, it finally showed fifteen minutes had passed.

    It was time and Harper strolled out of his room and bounded down the stairs to see Elisabeth sitting near a fireplace with the sound of crackling wood. It was so romantic he thought. He stood looking at her. He had been nervous before but nothing like this. It was as if she was a queen and he didn’t know whether to kiss her hand or curtsy. She was a beauty and his mother would have given her approval, he thought.

    Elisabeth smiled at Harper. I’m hungry. I made reservations for us. But of course she did. He had too much respect for her to have dinner in his room and then expect to make love to her. But that’s what he wanted to do. It had been a year since he had known her and six months from their last kiss.

    He reached for her hand and she placed it in his. The heat of emotion at just touching her hand overcame him. She felt his hand tremble as he led her to the dining room. They were shown their table near another fire but with a view of the mountain range filled with snow. When they sat he took her hand and they traded glances. Her eyes large and blue her lashes thick.

    Do you ski? Elisabeth asked.

    No. I’m afraid not. Harper couldn’t take his eyes off of Elisabeth. Her hair a beautiful silky blond. Her face pale. But her lips were the center of this beautiful canvas. They were naturally pink and full. And he couldn’t wait to kiss them again. He hoped it wouldn’t be six more months because he couldn’t stand it. The desire for sex had built within him to a climax and he needed relief.

    Mr. Samsa. Mr. Samsa. It’s time for your shots, A nurse said waking him from his thoughts.

    How many do I have to take?

    Three doses. Seven days after the first dose and then fourteen to twenty one after dose one.

    The doctor walked in with the intern. The same one who cleaned his wounds. I’m Doctor Collins.

    I can’t stay here twenty one days my father is ill, Harper said his voice low.

    I’m aware of that. I just wanted to emphasize what I said before that what has happen to you is serious, and the pathologist can’t tell if you were bit by a wolf or something else.

    What could it have been? It looked like a dog but it was enormous, Harper said hoping for an answer.

    We really don’t know what it is. However, we’ve had bites like that before. Hunters have discovered deer with the same kind of bite marks and a few hunters reported being bitten by a large dog or wolf.

    What happened to them?

    They died. The doctor looked to the intern with urgency in his eyes. You have to take care of that wound. It was as if the doctor and the intern shared some kind of secret. Therefore it’s important that you take your doses as stated, Doctor Collins said. His voice fill with alarm.

    Harper’s eyes wavered to the doctor. A grim look crossed his face and he looked down. Then the intern looked to the doctor.

    I didn’t want to be the one to tell you, but when I called your father to tell him where you were and what had happened, his lawyer said he had died of a heart attack hours earlier.

    Harper didn’t hear anything because of the ringing in his ears, and his light headiness and the emptiness in his heart. He sat up in the hospital bed and stared into nothingness. The agony of remembering his father, and thinking of his selfishness of leaving a dying father to be with a girl he thought he was in love with, pained him. The expression on his face changed, his eyes and mouth flowed downward into a curve.

    Tears pooled into Harper’s deep blue eyes and they deepened with profound sadness. 

    His father Robert Samsa had died early. Only in his sixties.

    Chapter Two

    She had been sick the entire trip back to San Francisco. It’s nothing to worry about. There’s no need to call the coast guard. Our ship’s doctor can help her. Just go to your cabin and I’ll send the doctor, the Captain said reassuring Robert. He had no reason to doubt him. The Captain had seen many cases like this in his sixty some years of experience operating a large cruise ship.

    Placing his hand on Robert’s shoulder he said, Don’t worry, Mr. Samsa, help your wife back to her cabin and the doctor will be there soon. And Robert assisted his pregnant wife to her quarters from the dining room.

    That’s what the ship’s captain and medic had said the day Charlotte Samsa became extremely sick as she suffered through a high fever and then went into labor. The doctor comforted Robert by saying, I’ve seen many cases like this, she’s young, and she’ll get over what’s ailing her. She’s just seasick.

    Robert Samsa arranged for a trip to Mexico, to make up for the many nights he left her alone to see to his business ventures, and to make up for the honeymoon they never had because he had been busy and forgot about his anniversary. It was too late the next day and the next when he finally returned to his pregnant wife with flowers, candy, and a diamond necklace.

    Charlotte glanced at it, kissed him and said, When will I get to wear this? And he showed her two tickets in a state room on a luxury liner.

    But I’m pregnant now. His eyes flashed and an equally large smile open to reveal his beautiful teeth. He picked her up and danced around the floor with her. It’s a boy, she said, I want you to name him. Robert had never been that happy in his entire life and he would never be as sad as he would be when she died.

    He had taken Charlotte from her family and brought her to San Francisco because of what he thought would be the chance of a lifetime. She eagerly agreed to follow him, at the appeal of her father’s warning against the marriage. She left her family in the east to follow her brash handsome husband to the west. 

    When Robert Samsa set foot in San Francisco he knew this was the place to make his fortune and to raise a family. But his dreams were dashed when his wife became ill on the last journey of their trip and died during child birth.

    Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he took the baby and settled into his large mansion he had just purchased for Charlotte in Nob Hill. He hired a woman who had lost her child at the same time to take care of his baby.

    He named the baby Harper after his father.

    Robert Samsa had become one of the richest men in the bay area, and after many years of hard work, he felt lonely, but the only bright light he had was his son Harper.

    Without the only woman he ever loved, Robert Samsa died of a broken heart at the age of sixty one and his son Harper Samsa became the youngest and richest man in San Francisco. 

    Harper Samsa inherited property that his father had killed himself to possess. He left it to a son who didn’t care for the riches it brought him, and he knew little about his vast holdings he just inherited.

    At the insistence of Michael, his father’s lawyer, he stopped in at his office to sign papers, and discuss the future of the company which held the Samsa name. 

    Harper, I need you to look over this property in Nevada. You said you wanted to sell most of it, well you have to decide if that’s what you want to do. Your father said you should consider keeping this land for a hunting lodge or a vacation home.

    I don’t have time. Besides I have a birthday party I have to attend tonight. I’m planning on asking Elisabeth to marry me, Harper said picking up the pin and signing the papers.

    You really should read this.

    Why should I? Don’t you know how to read? Harper said with a chuckle handing over the pen to Michael, and pushing the five page document in front of him. 

    This property has streams and lakes. It’s worth a fortune or will be one day. Harper looked aimlessly around the room following the latest football games and commentary on two flat screen televisions. 

    You need to pay attention, Harper. He raised a thick eyebrow to Michael. The lawyer had a map laid out on Harper’s desk, and pointed to the land circled on the map. Water is essential when you need to build a town.

    Who the fuck said I’m building a town? I’m going to get married. That’s all I’m going to do for the next few months. I’m going to lay with my wife on a beach somewhere. I’m not bringing Elisabeth to a fucking log cabin in the middle of the woods.

    With your money it doesn’t need to be a fucking log cabin.

    Well for Elisabeth, anything where there are wild animals and away from the city is a cabin in the woods. Harper stood. I have to get ready for Elisabeth’s party.

    She doesn’t know the meaning of money. She’s spending it on all kinds of things and you’ve given her so many expensive gifts that you will be broke before she says yes if she ever does. You know there are richer men than you, and she’s dangling them in front of you, and you’re taking the bait.

    Harper sat back in the leather chair and ignored Michael.

    Did you at least have sex with her? Harper turned to him with a deep look in his eyes and his thick eyebrows in a V.

    Harper put his hand to his chin, You know if you weren’t my father’s closest friend I’d... He stopped short of firing him because he needed him. He had been the next thing to a father to Harper. Fuck you, Michael.

    I love you, too, Michael said. He hid a closed smile and shook his head.

    You know you look good behind my desk. I’ll let you stay there and run my father’s company while I take a long honeymoon. Elisabeth wants to go to Italy.

    It’s your company now asshole, you have to be around to make sure it’s still solvent for your children. 

    If it was up to you, I wouldn’t have any children. Besides I don’t want this company with its responsibilities and wealth, Harper said raising his voice.

    Everyone needs money. Your children will need the money and their children. Your mother and father took this journey not for themselves, but for the generations to come. Don’t throw it away, it will be like your father dying for nothing. And you never know, you might want to run from that money grubbing fiancé of yours.

    You know you take too many liberties with me. One day. Harper didn’t complete his thought. He just pointed his finger at Michael and walked to the door with a grin and opened it and closed it behind him.

    Strutting outside, Harper glanced up at all the high rise buildings with the Samsa name stamped on them. Then he climbed into his limo and said, Take me home. On his way he thought about what Michael had said about the property in Nevada. Then he thought about his last conversation with his father.

    Why do you keep going like this, father? You never take a rest. Buying more property than you or I need. And why didn’t you marry again?

    Because I will never find anyone like your mother, Robert had said.

    You’ve never looked for anyone. You had plenty of chances.

    They wanted my money and that’s all. All the women whom I found to be attractive were interested in only one thing. They didn’t want a man with a child. They wouldn’t have been a mother to you. Another reason I didn’t marry, he paused staring at a picture in a silver frame, because once you find the woman who will make you happy, no one will ever take her place.

    When the car slowed to a stop, the driver had parked in front of his father’s mansion. He stepped out and walked inside.

    I have to sell this monstrosity, he thought. Elisabeth will want something more modern. And he smiled at the thought of her. She had been the most beautiful girl in his college class. She moved around as if walking on air, he remembered, with a multitude of equally handsome men following behind her only looking for a smile, or so he thought.

    It was love at first sight. He fell in love that day she strutted past him on her way to class. His class.

    When he picked up Elisabeth’s picture lying on the large piano, he watched at it wondering when she would give him the go to have sex with her.

    We can’t have sex until we’re married, she had said to him the first time he took her out on a date, and the second time he said he wanted to marry her.

    He thought he had found the woman his father said would be special and fill his life. She had high morals and he liked that about her. But each time they met and he picked her up for a date she would unzip his pants and fondle his penis, and she would dropped her tongue down his throat in the most obscene way. He wanted to fuck her, but after getting him aroused she would push him away. He didn’t know how long he could stand this.

    She would keep him so worked up where he couldn’t think straight. All he thought about was putting his sheath into her. He couldn’t get near her without his cock twitching. He had to have her, but she kept him to his promise of no sex until marriage. And that’s why he had to ask her to marry him and put him out of his misery.

    It had been one long year of abstinence. He thought he would burst from the anticipation.

    Remembering Elisabeth, he strode to the fireplace and reached for a picture of his mother and father. There was never a picture of him being held by his mother or the kind of pictures where you see the entire family because there wasn’t a family any more.

    Feeling empty he murmured, I want a family. I want lots of babies. He shrugged and placed the picture of Elisabeth near the picture of his mother and father.

    After having his dinner alone and taking his bath he reached for his tux which had been laid out for him. When he had dressed and was fidgeting with his bow tie, he remembered another conversation with his father. Harper appeared to appreciate his words since he had died, and he missed him even more. 

    Times are different and this world is different. And you are different from me. Any woman who marries you will inherit a fortune. They will indeed be hanging on to you. Make sure you select one with care, Robert had said to Harper.

    He looked forward to seeing friends from college, since Elisabeth had decided to invite the ones who had excelled in their fields.

    He wondered if they would recognize him. Although he thought he hadn’t changed. After making a final loop on his tie, he glanced into the mirror. He was the mirror image of his father but younger. His father had dark curly hair and brilliant blue eyes with long silky lashes. 

    He pulled a picture from his dresser and placed it near his face. The same face, he murmured. The picture showed a playful father holding on to his mother and smiling broadly. Robert’s face no different than Harper’s. The only difference is that Harper was clean shaven but they had the same piercing blue eyes and square jaw.

    Robert a fit man who hadn’t been born rich. In the picture he filled out every inch of the suit when he was younger. I worked in a mill and lift tree trunks all day. Even cut a few down every month. Kept me in shape, Robert had said to Harper proudly.

    I’m sorry son but all you’re going to be lifting is a pen. I guess I did you an injustice, he remember his father saying to him.

    As Harper entered his limo to take him to the party at Elisabeth’s family’s home, Emily rushed to Elisabeth’s mansion and entered the servants’ quarters late to dress Elisabeth and serve Elisabeth’s guest.

    Chapter Three

    Emily had been held in class late because her English professor called her into his office and said she is in jeopardy of losing her scholarship. She had a small scholarship for track and field.

    The professor said, I know your circumstances, Emily but perhaps you should think about a different job, or leave that job because it’s taking up most of your time and you’ve missed most of my lectures.

    I can pass the final. But there’s no way I can give this job up, Emily said to her professor.

    That job came with free room and board, and where could she find anything comparable to this which would allow her to go to school?

    She had moved out of the miserable apartment she shared with an alcoholic father. This was the only job she could get. She had no skills, but she got a maid’s job serving food or drinks.

    You’re late, the butler said with a coarse grumpy voice. She tried explaining but he put his hand up which meant I don’t want to hear it. There’s nothing more important than preparing for this party. You know how important it is for Elisabeth to have everything perfect. She’s expecting to become engaged to Mr. Samsa and she doesn’t want anything to spoil it.

    What do you want me to do?

    You need to go up and help dress Miss Elisabeth. She likes you and wants your opinion on what dress she should wear. Then bring yourself back because you’re serving drinks tonight. One of the boys called in sick.

    I thought you didn’t want women serving?

    This is an emergency. You know my thoughts on that. As long as you behave yourself and not make a date with any of Elisabeth’s guest, you won’t have a problem with me.

    Can I go now? Emily’s voice low and her face didn’t betray her. She couldn’t stand one more day of being made to feel like a second class citizen. She knew her status and she had been poor all her life, but she had gone to college.

    Very soon if she could make it through this night, she would be able to get her a job and leave these people behind who looked down on her as if she asked them for something. She worked hard in this house, and never had a friend or boyfriend since high school call on her.

    Emily trod up the stairs taking her time. When she reached the second floor she made a left turn and knocked on the door.

    Come in. When Elisabeth saw Emily she dropped her towel and she stood naked in front of her. Emily turned away in embarrassment.

    Elisabeth pranced around as if she thought her body was exceptional. She did have a large pert bosom and she wanted Emily to marvel and compliment her on it, but Emily appeared too shy to even look at her, so she picked up a robe and placed it over her and tied the belt.

    What the hell took you so long, Emily? I wanted your opinion on these dresses. She pointed to the bed and Emily turned to see the most beautiful expensive dresses in her life.

    Walking to the bed, Emily picked up one and passed her hand over it."

    Yes, it’s silk and it cost a fortune. I’ll give it to you after I’ve worn it a few times. But heaven knows where you’ll wear it, Elisabeth said before Emily could tell her she had no place to wear something that expensive.

    Elisabeth knew when she offered to give the dresses to Emily it was an empty gesture.

    I think that one would look great on you. It goes with your fair skin and blond hair, Emily said.

    You know we could be sisters if your eyes were blue like mine. Too bad you have green eyes. Men like true blonds. Not strawberry blonds, she said to Emily who stood looking at her as she dropped her robe and pranced around naked in high heels, before deciding to put on a pair of panties.

    I guess you would know, Emily said helping her pull up the dress and then zip it.

    Of course you haven’t had the experience with men as I have. You’re a virgin and men say they like virgins, but they really don’t. Elisabeth’s voice snarky. Her tone condescending. 

    I thought you said that you’ve never had sex with Mr. Harper.

    I haven’t, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve never had sex, silly. You can have plenty of sex and never have them penetrate you. But I guess you don’t know about such things. I guess your father prevented any boys from coming around, that’s why you left. You wanted to have a man fuck you, Elisabeth said watching at Emily.

    Emily cheeks turned rose colored. Her eyes fell downward with embarrassment. 

    Yes, I’m right. You want to fuck. Now you’ve told on yourself. If I were you, I wouldn’t wait. It’s better to have a man break your hymen before you’re married than to have to deal with that on your wedding night, it’s so messy. Elisabeth went on as if she was a teacher and she had been teaching a child to read.

    So you’ve prepared yourself for Mr. Harper. Don’t you think he deserves something better? Elisabeth stopped and turned and looked at Emily with a raised eyebrow, and a smirk, and a frown on her face.

    No man deserves better than a good fuck when he gets married and that’s what Harper has been begging for, and he will get it after he buys me a mansion and the biggest diamond my friends have ever seen. And Elisabeth turned around smiling and said, How do I look?

    Beautiful. That’s all she wanted from Emily. To tell her she looked beautiful, and to confirm that she was more attractive than Emily, who had staggering beauty in her own way. Emily stood five feet six and shapely with a small waist and round hips.

    If she had the money and clothing Elisabeth had for packaging and presentation, there wouldn’t be half the difference in Elisabeth and Emily because Emily has qualities Elisabeth didn’t have—she was humble, she had courage, and she was a real person. Emily felt she had to be in love with the man she married.

    Emily had to feel something for the man she fell in love with. She wanted to be excited when he walked into the room. She wanted to look at him and have him arouse her with one look. She wanted to marry once and stay with him all her days and then some.

    Not leave like her mother left her father the minute times got hard.

    Chapter Four

    The birthday party was underway when Harper stepped out of his limo at the front door of the small mansion. He strutted to the double wood door with the gold hardware checking every few minutes for the large diamond ring he bought Elisabeth. He checked one more time in his breast pocket.

    When the door opened for Harper and he entered the foyer, Emily was walking out of Elisabeth’s room and down the stairs in her black and white uniform.

    Her eyes turned to Harper and they locked eyes. Her greens to his blues and his breath hitched. Emily stopped. She couldn’t move. Harper’s eyes compelling with a burning faraway look held her and wouldn’t release her.

    He didn’t move and she didn’t move. They stood watching at each other. Emily couldn’t disguise her heart beat and Harper couldn’t deny he heard it hammering in her chest. Or the flood of arousal coursing through him, and the heated flash of passion and desire changing the color of his eyes from blue to gold.

    Behind Emily strode Elisabeth who saw the exchange. She waved at Harper before bounding down the stairs, then meeting him half way as he passed Emily. Elisabeth took Harper’s hands and pulled him up the stairs, passing Emily with a cold glance, and into her room.

    She whispered, I have something for you. This drew a smile from Harper.

    Where are your parents?

    Don’t worry about them. I’m going to be a married woman soon, she glanced up at Harper with innocent wide eyes, That is if you’re planning to ask me to marry you.

    It’s what I dreamed of since I met you. He placed his hand to his breast pocket and the ring was there. He pulled it out. Elisabeth’s eyes sparkled. I want to give it to you in front of your parents. He closed the box and tucked it back into his pocket.

    Smiling at Harper with pleasure and excitement, overcome by the size of her engagement ring, she unzipped his pants, and before he could open his mouth, she was on her knees, and she had his penis in her hand and she was looking up at him.

    This time she wouldn’t tease him by giving him a hand job, it would be the real thing. She saw how he was looking at Emily, and she thought she had let enough time pass where he would do anything to get into her pants.

    That was her plan to ensnare him, and get him to marry her. And she had been right. But Harper was in love and it wouldn’t have taken much to get him to ask her to be his bride. That was before he laid eyes on Emily.

    When he passed Emily he didn’t know what came over him. Never had he been this attracted to anyone like this before. He could smell her, he could hear her heart beat, and he became overcome with impatient desire to have her. He stared wordless at her. Sudden shock and warmth surged through him. Her jade eyes captured him and made him breathless. He felt a desire to mate with her.

    Did his mind say mate? 

    Elisabeth wrapped her lips around the head of his penis and pushed it into her mouth. And the surprise jarred him back to Elisabeth.

    What are you doing? It felt good, but he had imagined Elisabeth differently than any of the other girls. He didn’t feel comfortable with her satisfying him in this manner. Not the future mother of his children, he thought. He reached and pulled his penis from her mouth and brought her to her feet.

    What’s wrong, Harper? I thought this is what you wanted.

    I thought so too until...


    Not until we’re married, he said but it wasn’t what Harper thought. He had second thoughts after seeing Emily.

    Well, I’ll save that for our wedding night, Elisabeth said using her finger to wipe her lips. Go. I’ll meet you downstairs. He zipped up his pants and he turned and she pushed him out of her room. Go.

    He smiled at her and walked through the door and trotted down the stairs and met Emily passing with a tray holding Champaign.

    Stopping her, he said, Do you work here?

    No. I just break into strange parties, put on a maids uniform, and carry around a tray hoping you will pass and take a glass of Champaign from my tray, Emily said to Harper with a straight face.

    His eyes brightened, his dark eyebrows arched mischievously, and he smiled. He was the most beautiful man she had seen. She couldn’t take her eyes off him. Tall, dark hair accentuated with wide blue eyes. His face rugged and handsome with a square jaw and two dimples on the side which cut deep when he smiles.

    When he slanted his head, she saw his profile, dark against the lights of the large chandelier overhead. His face smooth and sensitive. 

    He thought the same of her. Beautiful, he thought. What is it about her that made him want to hold her and kiss her? What was happening to him? He never had eyes for anyone but Elisabeth, until now. 

    But then he thought about the ring burning a hole near his heart as if it had life. He began to sweat.

    Is something wrong, Mr. Samsa?

    You know my name?

    Yes. You’re Elisabeth’s fiancé.

    Not yet. But I will be, Harper said not too enthusiastic about it.

    They were looking so deeply into each other’s eyes that they didn’t see Elisabeth walk down the stairs and touch Harper on the shoulder and raise an eyebrow to Emily.

    You haven’t gotten far, Elisabeth said kissing Harper on the cheek while cutting her eyes to Emily. I find you standing at the stairs talking to my maid. She turned to Emily with a short closed smile. Emily that will be all.

    Tucking her arms under Harper’s she said, There’s my mother and father. You can break the news to them.

    Emily scurried away into a crowd of guest in the next room, amid the chattering of voices, and clanging of champagne glasses. 

    Her job was important and she didn’t want Elisabeth to get the wrong impression. But under any other circumstances she would have done anything to catch this man’s eye. However, she thought she wasn’t qualified to have a man like him. What obviously rich young man from a good family would find her appealing?

    Emily’s background was nothing to speak of. She hadn’t come from money. Her father was a drunk. He came to San Francisco after a stint in the Army to get into the technology field, but he had such a drinking problem he couldn’t get a job. He met her mother where she became pregnant without knowing anything about him. They fell in love her father had said. After Emily had been born, Emily’s mother took off a year later for Seattle, leaving her with her father. Emily never heard from her mother again. 

    She and her father moved around every six months for none payment of rent. Her days and nights were filled with trying to make it through school and now college. She thought if she could get a good paying job, or at least a job to keep her from having to move from one vermin infested motel to another she could have a life.

    This job as a maid with room and board was all that interest her now. Except for Harper Samsa, a man she could never have, so she put him out of her mind. Her job here would afford her the opportunity to graduate, and get her a position as a teacher at the local school.

    Teaching is a respectable job, she was told by the recruiter when she asked about the pay. Not a job that pays a lot of money, but a job that has its rewards.

    With the sky high rent in San Francisco, it was impossible to make it on a teacher’s salary in San Francisco. She would have to move out of California. Maybe go to Arizona or Nevada she thought. It was cheaper to live there.

    Chapter Five

    D addy, Harper would like to ask you a question, Elisabeth said in a frail soft childish voice.

    Can’t Harper speak for himself?

    Oh daddy of course he can. Harper stood near Elisabeth’s father when a strange feeling came over him. He took a deep breath. His heart raced as if it was going to jump from his chest. He put his hand quick to his chest to feel the beat. Never had he had anything like this to happen to him before. Sweat broke and beaded on his brow.

    What’s wrong with you, Harper? Elisabeth said.

    Is he on drugs? Elisabeth’s father asked.

    He’s not on drugs, Daddy. Her father glanced at him skeptical. I thought you were different, Harper.

    Harper couldn’t catch his breath. He couldn’t speak and the sweat came in waves after wiping his brow several times.

    He’s not on drugs, Elisabeth insisted as Harper held his chest, his eyes blinking, and perspiration empting down his face. His body felt as if it had stepped into an oven.

    I need a few minutes, Harper said holding his chest, and panting with his mouth open. His eyes narrowed and he turned to see the terrace door. He dashed to the door but with the crowded room he took a few minutes. He needed air and he couldn’t get it so he pushed two couples standing in his way aside and rushed through the doors.

    When he glanced up, he saw the full moon. He stood underneath it and his first thought when he opened his mouth was to howl. Still in control of his body, he held back his instincts.

    What is happening to me? he murmured. His mouth open and gasping for breath. Then he heard voices inside the room where he left Elisabeth.

    It was Elisabeth and her father, Did you at least get him to give you that ring?

    Not yet, but if you didn’t try to be condescending and let him talk, he was about to ask me to marry him. You have no one to blame but yourself. Once I marry him, I can get you out of debt and I can divorce him and marry who I want.

    You’re not going to marry that fool what’s his name. He doesn’t have a dime.

    I’ll get enough from Harper where I can marry whomever I want and you’re not going to stop me, Daddy. Now shut up, Harper’s looking at us. They stopped talking, but it was too late. Harper, although he thought he was in love wasn’t a fool, and it was best that he found out now than later.

    But it was the way he found out. How could he hear their conversations?

    When his body calmed, he took a deep breath. Now his body was telling him that he needed to have sex. He had stopped sweating and his breathing came under control. He raised his head and opened the doors to the room full of laughter and whispering. Even the whispers were too loud for him.

    He strolled back to Elisabeth and said, Excuse me but Elisabeth and I have unfinished business.

    What’s going on, Harper? You look different, Elisabeth said.

    I am different. And he pulled her up the stairs to her room. Now where were we when I said it wasn’t appropriate for you to engage in sex with me? His voice cold and hard.

    I was unzipping your pants like this. And Elisabeth pull the zipper down. She reached for his penis and she said in surprise, I didn’t know you were that large. Harper had to look down because he didn’t believe it himself.

    It’s a mouth full but I think I can handle it. And she went to her knees and before she could put his penis in her mouth he pulled away.

    I don’t think I want you anymore, he said. His voice cool. Elisabeth glared at him.

    What about the engagement? He reached into his coat and pulled out the large diamond and handed it to her.

    I thought you were what I wanted in life, but I found out different. You thought I was a fool. I may have been, but I’m not your fool any longer. You were only using me. I’m no longer that man who met you in college and fell in love with you like so many other unsuspecting assholes.

    She put on the ring. You don’t know what you’re saying. I want to make love to you. She walked close to Harper and he felt nothing. Not like before when the thought Elisabeth was all he needed.

    For some reason, I think you’re not the woman for me, Harper said turning away from her and walking out the room and closing the door behind him. He strolled down the stairs as if in a dream and had been given a reprieve from a death sentence. He wore a large smile.

    He felt free like an animal. Free from all that had made him a prisoner as a man. 

    When he bounded down to the first floor he heard the loud noise of people enjoying each other. And then he heard, Are you alright, Mr. Samsa? He turned to see Emily and the feeling he witness before became uncontrollable.

    I am now. But he wasn’t alright. He knew something significant was happening to him and he had no control over it. I have to go, he said and rushed to the door to get some air. When he stepped outside, his limo driver seeing his raised hand, turned the car, and drove up under the doorway to pick him up.

    I need some air. I’ll walk, he said panting. The fog had settle and blanketed San Francisco.

    But it’s two miles and up and down hills, sir, his driver said.

    I know. I need the exercise, Harper insisted. He tapped the car and it took off. Harper had never seen San Francisco like this at night. He heard animals and birds and the waves from the ocean.

    He continued walking and then he stopped in his tracks. He looked up and howled to the moon. He didn’t know why he did that. Maybe it was out of frustration. Maybe it was because he thought he would never have a family or from the death of his father. Or maybe because he was free to do whatever he wanted. 

    Harper had never mourned his father. He glance up at the beautiful vision of a full moon and said, Father you will never see this brilliant moon again. And he howled over and over from the pain of loss.

    Maybe he howled because he would never be able to marry and have children because something had happened to him which he didn’t know how to explain.

    Then with the long walk home, he had time to think and he knew it had something to do with the animal bite by the wolf who had him baying at the moon.

    As he took another step, he heard sounds of bones breaking. It was coming from his body and when he glanced at his hands they were changing and the fine hair on his body became thick.

    One minute he was looking like a man, and the next he had become a creature standing like a man, thinking like a man, and then he stood on all fours and he was then a large white wolf. He howled as if crying. Then he wondered what he would do. How could he live like this?

    Harper dashed and hid behind some large bushes, and lay curled up like a dog. He wasn’t a dog and he couldn’t stay there forever. He looked down to see his clothes shredded and on the ground next to his black bow tie and phone.

    Harper stayed there huddling until he realized that he had to call someone. He had stayed curled up feeling sorry for himself. Then he realized that he had to confide in someone. So he called Michael.

    I need you to pick me up, and bring me some clothes. And Harper gave him the address. Michael didn’t ask him why he didn’t call his driver, he knew Harper had to have a serious problem for him to ask him to get out of his bed with his wife at five in the morning to drive across town to get him.

    When Michael reached the location Harper had given, he saw Michael’s Jaguar stop, and he stepped from behind the garbage bins and quietly entered the car.

    I’m not going to ask you if you are on drugs. The police would probably do that if someone saw you and reported this. If it happens again they may get their chance, but I know you. I just want you to tell me what’s going on, and should I be concerned and are you likely to do this again. Michael took his eyes off the road for a few seconds.

    I’ve been asking myself this all night. I had time to think. I may have mentioned to you that a wolf bit me on my drive from Colorado to San Francisco.

    First of all, may I say that I warned you against that drive. He turned looking at Harper as Harper pulled up his pants. You look different. I never knew your chest to be that wide and your shoulders, unbelievable, and your...

    Don’t say it. There would be no reason for you to see my cock.

    Even your language is coarse, Michael said. And I saw your cock, he paused, when you were a baby. It wasn’t a cock then, it was a penis and a very small one.

    That’s different, Harper snapped.

    No not really. You can tell a lot even that young, but there was nothing to give me indications that you would have as you say a cock the size of a...

    I know. I know. Do you want to know what happened or do you want to discuss the size of my penis, Harper said blowing out his breath in frustration. This was a serious matter and he didn’t have time discussing his body parts or the hair over his body.

    It would help if you explained what is wrong and how this physical change came about in you.

    As Harper was explaining to Michael how he was bitten by a wolf, Elisabeth was explaining why she had to dismiss Emily.

    Chapter Six

    When Emily opened her eyes, Elisabeth had been standing over her for a few minutes, watching rudely as Emily slept. Elisabeth with her hands on her hips tapped her feet impatiently.

    My family is firing you today. I thought I’d tell you and save them the embarrassment of having to dismiss you. They seem to think you threw yourself at Harper and maybe fucked him which is why he broke our engagement. Elisabeth turned pacing the length of the room and gazing at a surprised Emily.

    Emily had worked into the early hours helping to clean up after the guest had gone, and she was a little groggy and tried to say the least.

    Wiping the sleep from her eyes, her brain finally connected with Elisabeth’s words. She narrowed her eyes and said, Why would your family think I would have sex with your fiancé? Emily would never do such a thing. She never had a boyfriend and she couldn’t understand why they would come to that conclusion.

    Because I told them you did. I saw how you were looking at him. I saw the look in his eyes when he met you. You knew I wasn’t having sex with Harper and you took that as an opportunity to fuck him.

    You know that’s not true. When have I had time? I need this job. Why are you doing this?

    I’m not here to discuss how or when you made time to fuck him. I just feel you did. Elisabeth opened the drawer and threw Emily’s few pieces of clothing on the bed. A lot of people need things. I need Harper back. But until he comes back, you are fired. Get out today. I want you out of here in fifteen minutes, she yelled. Her voice shrill and loud. The staff in the kitchen heard her. She wanted them to hear her throw Emily out.

    I don’t have any money, Emily protested. Can I at least stay on for another week until I find something? Emily sat up. Until I find some place to stay. She didn’t want to go to her father and ask to stay in his room. She had taken her last money to pay his rent and buy him food and now she was homeless. 

    That’s not my problem. I said you have to leave today. And Elisabeth turned and walked out of the room closing the door with a bang.

    Emily sat up straight, and put her feet down, and stepped on to the wood floor. In a daze she walked into the shower and stayed there for ten minutes. She had five minutes left. She dried herself and her hair, and stuffed her few things into a cloth satchel, and in five minutes she passed through the servants quarters hungry and confused with them looking at her and never offering her anything to eat.

    An elderly man bent over, who had been a manservant since the family came to Nob Hill, touched her shoulder. When she turned around he gave her one hundred dollars. She looked up at him with gratitude and he said, I don’t need it. Get yourself breakfast and leave San Francisco as soon as you can. Elisabeth is not a nice person. I’ve known her since she was a child.

    She took the money only because she would have hurt his feelings if she had given it back.

    Emily stood outside waiting, for what, she didn’t know. The fog had settled last night and it wouldn’t leave until mid-day. She trudged up the hill thinking about how she would finish college and have someplace to sleep. She had no plans except to make it to her evening classes. She didn’t have a job so now she didn’t have the problem of not completing her class work. She would go to the library before and after class to study.

    Still she hadn’t solved the problem of a place to live. She thought about a friend of hers from class. When she came up with this last minute idea, she had walked miles and was standing waiting for a cable car.

    Hopping on with her cloth bag in her hand and a few dollars in her pocket she paid for the ride. Looking down she reached for a paper and looked through the wanted ads. That was the easiest way to get a job.

    When she glanced up she was at her stop. She climbed out and walked down the street and looked for a three story house. When she found it she walked up the stairs and rang the bell. She range it again.

    On the third ring she heard yelling.

    Hold your horses. Hold your fucking horses. Who the fuck is ringing my bell? You had better be a good looking bitch or you aren’t getting in here. He pulled the curtain aside which hung on the door. When he saw Emily he said, Oh, you.

    Opening the door, Come in. I knew I shouldn’t have said if you need a place to crash come here. But then I talk too much and my heart is too soft. I should have known better by looking at you that you would be fucking crashing at my place one day. Come in. You are welcome here. If I seem a little grumpy, I haven’t had my coffee.

    Emily followed Stanley into the living room. It looked like an old parlor filled with antique furniture and Tiffany style lamps. He rented to young men and women who went to the local college.

    Stanley, I don’t have a place to stay, Emily said with tears pooling in her eyes.

    I came to that conclusion the minute I saw you standing at my door this hour in the morning. I haven’t had my coffee yet, and I have a class at nine. He sat down. Don’t stand there. Sit and tell me all about it. Then Stanley stood and waved for Emily to follow him. They ended up in the kitchen.

    Stanley brewed two cups of coffee and handed her one. Now what happened? They sat at the table and Emily told him about last night and Elisabeth.

    I checked the newspapers and there’s a position as a maid.

    You are better than that.

    That’s all I can get that offers room and board. Stanley thought about Emily. "I can keep you one night maybe two, but this place is full already. You can sleep

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