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The Complete Insatiable Werewolf Bundle

1,963 pages45 hours


This Insatiable werewolf bundle contains all 12 Books of the Samsa family of werewolves. This collection will stir your emotions with hours of reading enjoyment.    

It contains a complete set of books about the Samsa werewolf triplets, Wilder, Lycell and Drayton and how they came to be werewolves. And their love for one woman who stole their hearts and bore their offspring to create the largest werewolf pack in the Americas.

Adrienne the mate to the Samas werewolves wanted nothing more than to be loved and she found all she needed or wanted with a pack of werewolves. But being the mate of three fierce Alpha werewolves come with a price. Can they share this human without jealousy and infighting tearing them apart which could destroy their fragile existence as werewolves among men?

Will an envious werewolf from another pack, make them all pay a price when he takes Adrienne away and kidnaps her young son Hunter, and leaves him to the elements in a barren part of Alaska?   

 Her first born Hunter, and his brothers will discover adventure, love, and pain when they try to leave the pack to discover life and mate when they venture into cities, only to return to find the loves of their lives, and father their own pups.

Will the fight over females strain the unity of the pack and threatened its existence?

Will the threat from a cunning and vicious werewolf, the threat of a lion shifter, and the threat from men bring the pack together, or will too many dangers and deceptions tear the pack apart and leave it weak?

Discover the answers with this complete Insatiable Werewolf series.  

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