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John Cary, 1755 1823

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Every family has enough of stirring and momentous deeds set to its credit to ennoble it, as well as to enrich history and bless the world. There is more great history as yet unwritten, that well might serve a useful purpose in the world and lift our thoughts to better things, than now occupies the pages Of what we call literature. These actions were performed by those that we call humble, unknown beyond their own small circle. Human nature has a capacity for greatness, in the midst of many things that are petty, and some that are despicable. Some of these are recorded, but the most are known only to the few, or have already faded out of the memory Of those who wrought them. And yet it is just these that Show how rich a field we have in human action and accomplishment. Not all can be recorded; it is only the few that in some strange way find their place in written history, and emphasize the old saw, As good fish in the sea as ever were caught. All this is true of the following pages. It is the gathering up Of the fragments, of which we would there were more. SO we set down these items, not for egotism but for profit.

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