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Dream Warriors Collection: Dream Warriors, #5

371 pages15 hours


Morpheus and his army of Dream Warriors protect the human race by subtly—and not so subtly—infiltrating their dreams. An incubus is on the loose, distorting the fabric of time. The evil must be stopped before reality unravels forever.

Gareth has successfully completed every mission, creating illusions as tangible as conscious reality. But now he’s falling in love and that’s the one thing Dream Warriors aren’t allowed to do.

Scientist Sheri Vellmos thought her best friend was insane when she told her about the Dream Warriors. Then Ryder infiltrates her dreams and the only thing that’s insane is how much she wants him.

Kane, fiercest of all Dream Warriors, is thrilled when he is dispatched to rescue Dora from the Underworld. Chaos cost him the only woman he ever loved and payback is long overdue.

After two hundred years in the Underworld, Chaos returns to the land of mortals determined to claim the only woman he ever loved—Alexa. Can the lovers be reconciled before the secret of Alexa’s origin destroys them both?

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