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Got To Be A Hero: The Accidental Hero, #1

424 pages5 hours


In A World Where Magic Blurs the Line Between Reality and The Fantastic, There’s No Training Program for Heroes.

Set in Seattle, Got To Be A Hero blends the magic and martial arts of Kenzie Graham and the tech savviness of Accidental Hero Mitch Merriwether in an exciting thrill ride where magic and science stand side by side. 

“I can’t heal dead. Be careful.” 
Mitch Merriwether spots two thugs abducting runner and martial artist McKenzie Graham in broad daylight. Acting on instinct, he sprints to save the girl. A split-second decision lands Mitch in an arcane world where conspiracies rage and hidden magic rules. 

Between Mitch and Kenzie, a wizard herself, stands his status as Meat, the perverse traditions of the Families, and a psychopath bent on controlling Magic. On his side? One sarcastic wizard named Mercury, who asks him to be a hero again, this time on purpose. Knowing wizards had some advantages . . . except for the part where he might end up “unhealable.”

Fast-paced and intense, Got To Be A Hero keeps readers up at night turning pages.

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