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Have a Thank You Jesus Day: Every Day

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I asked someone how their day was going? So the answer I got back was just a blank stare. At that moment it took me back to those days I use to have that stare. I was always rushing to get the day over before it got started. Not realizing that the day starts inside of me.
Having a bad attitude before the day got started for no reason at all. Ready to snap someone head off just for asking a question. People that work in customer service this is not good.
Have you ever done that or are you doing that now? Do you enjoy your day? These are a few questions we will answer.
Days can be enjoyable, and they can teach us all types of lessons. I thought about those days, and I compared them to the days I have now.
Wow when I think back to the days that I did not want to get out of bed, I was in stuckville. Some might say it was just being lazy, hurt, and feeling rejected. Oh, it is not your season. Seasons were days to me back then. How do you walk into a room full of people in it and say nothing, not Good Morning or Hello?
I walked in a business the other day and all the I could hear was Good Morning. It sounded great to me.
It was raining in my life every day and my days were like storms. Those were not seasons for me they were my everyday life.
Let’s talk about these days.
 In this book that’s what we are going to do. We are going to change the way we look at and be in our days. The way we behave in a day, the way we think about the day we are having. What we are saying to ourselves and others.
 We are going to write down some things that we are experiencing in our day to day life. So that we can start to have a better day
We are going to learn to enjoy our day to the fullest, having a Thank You Jesus Day, Every Day.

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