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Starside Saga (Books 1-3)

Length: 601 pages16 hours


“She thought she was stealing gold to save her brother . . . instead she steals a key that will unlock her destiny.”

And so begins an epic fantasy series about a Kila Sigh, a 16-year-old thief, and her awakening to incredible magic power.

Dive into this world of dire prophecy, incredible magic, demons and monsters, secret blade-master cults, and wondrous telepathic cats.

Eric Kent Edstrom’s tour de force Starside Saga has fantasy fans raving. Full of twists and turns and Edstrom’s usual thriller pacing, this read that just might keep you up all night.

This boxed set includes the first three full novels.

Thief of Sparks

A Raven’s Dream

Mind of Mercusine

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