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Then There Were None

Length: 99 pages1 hour


Lydia Perkins is a struggling actress desperately looking for work. Drifting from one unsuccessful audition to the next and always being pipped at the post by younger and prettier actresses for good drama parts that could enhance her career. However, her agent Maurice Weinstock informs her that a fantastic part has just come up for grabs. It’s to play the wife in a TV sitcom. There are four other actresses after the part so he can’t promise anything. Lydia knows the actresses. She will stop at nothing including murder to get the right part for money and fame. Even if it means killing off the competition to land the lucrative TV sitcom role. Lydia knows how to handle a gun. Having grown up on her parent’s farm. She learnt how to shoot helping her father kill foxes and vermin as well as providing game for the Sunday roast. One by one Lydia kills off the opposition. It comes easy for her. She has killed before. Newspaper headlines called it a family tragedy with her parents shot dead by her sister suffering from depression. Only Lydia knows the truth. 

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