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Psychological and Social Control through Net Monitoring: Knowing More about Social Media Addiction and Infringement of Privacy Rights through the Net

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Table of Contents

Computer Access through Downloads
The Social Media Addiction
The Danger of Search Engines like Google and All Its Based Services, Including Google Apps and Google Play
Monitoring through Apps
The Danger of Google Docs
Monitoring through Smart Phone and Cell Phones
Obsessive Control over What You Should or Should Not Watch
Knowing More about Net Neutrality
Limited or no access to sites
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This book is for all of those people, who are slowly and steadily getting an inkling about the invidious ways in which the net is being used to do social control, psychological warfare, through illegal net monitoring. Also, it is going to talk about one of the direst problems being faced by millennials and youngsters today, a total addiction to the net, cell phones, smart phones, iPads, computers, desktops, laptops, and any other system which connects you on to the Internet.

Not only is this a very dangerous social trend, but it is also going to affect you psychologically, emotionally, physically and mentally. But nobody thinks of these long-term effects because they are so busy browsing on the Internet and believing everything that they read on it.
Also, I want to tell you about a more disturbing trend which is being practiced by governments and agencies upon a number of countries all over the earth, including America. That is, that they intend to monitor the sites that you see, decide which sites are all right for public viewing, which sites, according to the government are definitely not suitable for public viewing because they may tell some home truths about what the administration is up to, and such tactics, which put your society on a war holding an emergency status, especially when the government is monitoring everything you do.

You may not know it and believe it, but if you have a Gmail address, the government of your country is already monitoring your location. And if you want to know the reason why, there is absolutely no justified reason or proper reason they can give unless of course they want to burble something about national security.

Think of the wider picture, in psychological terms. You are under close monitoring CCTV with every single action that you do going without your knowledge to some computer somewhere where it does here is being made upon you. All through your net, your social site links, your tweets, your Facebook account, your Google account, the documents you have uploaded on Google, the comments you have made on sites on the Internet and so on.

You may say that I am being paranoid, neurotic, schizophrenic, because I am a fully functioning sociopath like Sherlock. But then, I see further than most other people do and most other people could be bothered about thinking, because they have been taught not to think. According to them, thinking is dangerous, because any sort of initiative, creativity, imagination, wondering why this is being done has been punished out of them, since childhood. And they are living in democratic countries.

These are the countries which are supplying their children with drugs so that they do not become rebels when they grow up as teenagers. No wonder with such a paranoid attitude on the part of the administration and the government, is it a wonder that people all over the world are beginning to wonder about this addiction to the social media, and how it can influence you psychologically and emotionally as well as physically and mentally.

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