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Wreckless Engagement (The Russian Engagement Series)

Length: 545 pages7 hours



You just couldn’t make this sh*t up if you tried...

A hot man, a one-night stand. Five days in Miami, that was the plan.
Things went sideways real-quick.

How could what started off as a five-day girls’ trip have careened so quickly out of control?

I found myself in a fix.

Just a small-town girl from a boring little city, my life might have even been described as charmed. Until it suddenly wasn’t.

My knight in all black armor swooped in to save my distressed damsel like a move right out of the super-hero playbook.

The man was a ridiculous cliché.

Tall, dark, handsome and mysterious? Check!

Garland wore power like a suit, possessed an ego on steroids, never minced words, and avoided messy entanglements like the plague.

Prince Charming? Nope!

He still drew me like a magnet.

Only, he was way out my league. A man like him could never be serious about a woman like me.

But he didn’t seem to mind slumming. Heck, I guess everybody’s got to make a charitable donation sometimes.

And the man is nothing if not a giver. His words are seductive, his touch addictive, his mouth magical, and his body a weapon.

I never stood a chance.

Then, a snap decision has life altering consequences, and my world shifted in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

Bodyguards, paparazzi and high-stakes might have been more than I bargained for.

Oh, did I mention I was already another man?

Follow Camry as she sets off on a head-spinning journey that started out as a vacation, but ended up in crazyville. If you like both romance and adventure, WRECKLESS ENGAGEMENT is the book for you.

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