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Urban Campers: Finding Home on the Road During the American Financial Crisis

Length: 229 pages3 hours


Follow on an epic road trip and take a look at American life across the country throughout the 2008 financial crisis and decade-long recession in the book, Urban Campers: Finding Home on the Road During the American Financial Crisis. The book is the roller-coaster story of the rock band, Ashes to Light, through a cross-country RV trip and seven-year career, overcoming obstacles and personal torments to succeed as humans and help to change the music landscape of the Central Coast. The main characters follow the synchronicity of life down the unseen roads of America, sometimes putting themselves in danger, to embrace adulthood and discover their potential. It's an adventure, as well as a coming-of-age story for the three main characters as they transition from pent-up young adults always playing catch-up with their lives, to independent adults in control of their life's pursuits. Follow the band mates as they travel the country in a 32-year-old RV with barely any money, trying to survive and live out their dreams of moving from Michigan to California to pursue music. But instead of being debaucherous wanna-be rockstars, they are determined entrepreneurs creating progress, despite a crumbling economy. Every mile they traverse is not determined, nor guaranteed. They must make their way by their wits, trust and music. They have no other option other than to succeed and this true story shows that dreams are always within reach.

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