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When I'm 64

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Growing up in an abusive, poverty-stricken family in Appalachia, John Wagner seemed born with suffering in his blood. No matter how his circumstances changed, he was constantly drawn to tragedy. Escaping his grisly childhood, John took with him the most important lesson his mother ever taught him: that if you’re still breathing, you’re still fighting. In the midst of addiction, betrayal, and mental illness, John struggled to build a legacy of strong family values, stability, and love.

The cycle of abuse is hard to watch, and even harder to break. Despite the demons John brought into their everyday existence, the Wagner family grew and evolved. Together they learned that to truly experience joy, they also had to survive times of unspeakable pain. Join this family as they find the will to keep fighting for themselves, taking one step forward even after taking three steps back. When I’m 64 focuses on the possibility of hope that lives within us all and guides us through the darkest hours and into the light.

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