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The Three-Story Fight

Length: 23 pages17 minutes


The three-story fight is a collection of stories I wrote from inspiration that I have experienced. The first story is called "The Impala". In this story, we follow a driver named Sean. He has been driving and delivering packages. He doesn't keep a schedule; Sean picks a job from any employer. His most interesting driving services are all during the night time. Anyone calls just about anything. But tonight, was Sean's lucky night. The next story is called "What would you give for love". This story revolves around a couple returning from their vacation. Maya (the birthday girl) cleans the car and while cleaning the car she finds a coin. It looks like an ordinary coin at first glance but, Maya later discovers that it is much more. The last story in the collection is called "The Butterfly Effect". In this story, we see a young man named Alex on his way to visit his mother with girlfriend. During a detour to Walmart, Alex is given a gift from an expecting species. After receiving this gift, he is followed by an unknown man. What will await Alex as his trip to his mother's home continue?

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