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Our Story: an Away From Here Prequel

Length: 73 pages1 hour


Set a year before the events in the upcoming full length novel Away From Here: A Young Adult Novel, Our Story is a free prequel that introduces some of the characters you’ll come to know and love in Away From Here.
Logan is your standard mixed up mixed kid, a high school junior who’s just trying to navigate the stresses of school, the future, a mentally ill Mom who he has to take care of, and the intense feelings of love that’s he’s experiencing for the first time. Along the way he’ll seek advice from his best friend and loyal sidekick Pete, and do his best to talk to the beautiful and complex Annalise, the goddess in human form who Logan meets for the first time in these pages.
Including the first two chapters of Away From Here for free, Our Story introduces the themes of adolescence, first loves, and the challenges of living with mental illness that will make you remember the whirlwind of being a teenager.
This free prequel includes the pre-order link for Away From Here: A Young Adult Novel, which will be live on April 24th, 2018.
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