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The Cowboy Nanny

Length: 243 pages3 hours


Sometimes, first impressions can be deceiving.

While going to technical college, Bobby Gregg moved in with his sister Michelle, her husband, Jake, and their seven-year old twins. When his sister accused her husband of having an affair with their last nanny, Bobby was drawn into a maelstrom of accusations and chaos.
To try to prevent another incident, Michelle decides to try a male nanny. A man from Billings, Montana.

Gabe Davis had always wanted to live in Los Angeles. When he was offered to work for a family in LA and care for their twins, he jumped at it. Within days, Gabe feels as if he’s fresh meat for two hungry men; Bobby...and a strikingly handsome businessman, Jake.

As the family adjusts to the new arrangement, Bobby becomes jealous of his macho brother-in-law as Jake sets his sights on the gorgeous ‘cowboy’ nanny.

With a story filled with twists of fate, the one thing Gabe can count nothing in his life is predictable.
The Cowboy Nanny- one hot man from Montana- falling head over heels in love.

(A ‘first-touch’ romance story.)

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