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Our Danish Hygge Lifestyle: Your Practical Guide to a Cozy, Healthy and Happy Life

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There is a reason why the Danes are the happiest people in the world. This reason is the Hygge lifestyle, a laid-back, Scandinavian approach that focuses on enjoying the little things in life. Many people associate Hygge with cold winter evenings spent cozily by the fireside. While this may be a bit kitschy, it is absolutely not wrong. But Hygge is not a seasonal phenomenon. In fact, it is an encompassing life philosophy that can be applied anywhere and anytime.

Hygge equals simplicity in indulgence, intimacy in togetherness, and coziness in everything you do.

If you are stressed out by your everyday life, if you feel time goes by and each and every day looks the same, if you are missing the really meaningful, memorable moments, moments in which you feel deeply comfortable, safe, relaxed and happy, then you should find out what Hygge can add to your life.

This book is a compact and practical introduction to the Hygge lifestyle.

You will learn
+ What Hygge is and where it comes from
+ What it means to enjoy the small and simple things in life
+ What you can do to make your home a more comfortable, cozy place that you love to live in
+ Why clothing matters for coziness and happiness, and how you can improve your wardrobe
+ What kind of food you should definitely try to feel hygge in your life
+ What Hygge means for the relationship with your friends
+ How Hygge supports the most important relationship of all, the relationship with your beloved spouse, by creating happy moments with a lasting effect on your relationship.

This guide contains a lot of practical, ready-to-apply tips. Try them out and see what works best for you. Enjoy reading and start to hygge-up your life today, if you like, cozily by the fireside.

Tags: Hygge, lifestyle, coziness, comfort, relaxation, work-life-balance

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