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Tuttle Concise Tagalog Dictionary: Tagalog-English English-Tagalog

Length: 1,072 pages19 hours


Easy-to-read and extensive, this Tagalog dictionary is an essential language learning and translation tool.

The Tuttle Concise Tagalog Dictionary gives you the most complete and up-to-date translations from English to Tagalog/Filipino and is the most current dictionary available today. Designed primarily for English speakers, it can also be used by Tagalog speakers who are learning English.

The dictionary is bidirectional with over 20,000 entries covering the everyday vocabulary used in all educational, work-related and tourist situations. For each entry, in addition to giving all useful definitions, information is given on the part of speech, common collocations and the pronunciation of the word. The introduction at the front provides a guide to pronunciation as well as other grammar pointers and explanations. For ease of use, this dictionary is divided into two parts: Tagalog–English and English–Tagalog.

Key highlights of this Tagalog dictionary are: Over 20,000 entries cover everyday words that are used in educational, work-related and tourist situations. Extensive information on parts of speech, common collocations, and the pronunciation of each word. A helpful introduction provides a guide to pronunciation and many other Tagalog grammar pointers and explanations.

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