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Dog Training Mistakes: 28 Disastrous Dog Training Mistakes That Ruin Dog's Behavior

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We all make mistakes.  Unfortunately, we are not always aware of what they are or how to fix them.  Often times, new dog owners will find they are a bit out of their league when it comes to training their pup.  Or seasoned pet owners will feel similarly when trying to train a new addition to the family or rectify the behaviors of an older dog.  So, don't think these tips are just for those with new puppies. 

In this book, many of the most common errors will be outlined and discussed.  Some mistakes are more known than others, but they are all important to avoid.  You won't find the mistakes laid out in list form, rather they will be written out for ease of reading and understanding.  This allows for better discussion to enrich you and get you on your way to bonding with and successfully training your dog!

Here is a Preview of What You Will Learn: Inconsistencies, Timing in Training, Behaviors and Rewards, The Trainer's Attitude, Rewarding Poorly, Knowing Your Dog, Pacing, Variety and Practice, Motives, Expectations, and What You Can Do

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