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That's My Kid Up There!

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Is your child spending too much time on iPhones and iPads? Are you worried that they might grow up without the effective communication skills they will need beyond school?

That's My Kid Up There! is a parent's handbook with ten easy-to-play games and exercises that will improve your child's face-to-face communication skills. It's a book not only to be read but to be DONE with your child, with games you can play that will change their communication behaviours, increasing eye contact, developing confidence and comfort, helping with structuring class presentations and coaching in the delivery skills that will give your child the edge, at school, university, business and community.

TMKUT! is written by communication guru Neil Flett who built a global company training business and community leaders in presentation, persuasive skills, negotiating skills and public speaking. Every exercise in this handbook has been proven to work around the world.

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