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175 Affirmations To A Better Life - Use Affirmations To Change Your Life, Relationships, Health & Finances

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An Affirmation is a positive statement that you repeat to yourself that you wish to have or achieve in your life.

Affirmations are very powerful when you realize each affirmation is re-programming your subconscious mind. 

Many people look at affirmations in the wrong light. An affirmation is powerful beyond measure with scientific proof of its potential to better your life in any area you choose. There is factual evidence that people can actually boost their immune system and fight illnesses with the power of affirmations! Our mind is a muscle, and if we train it to think positivity and consciously ask what we want of it, it has the power of manifest those things into our life if we truly believe with intention. Without constant positives thinking, our minds are negative beings and create negative thoughts.

Use this book as a resource to better your life, better your future, and better your mind! We must think positively and feed our mind positivity because our minds are negative beings!

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