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Royal Marines Historical Time Line, Volume One

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Upon explaining to a fellow Royal Marine that my latest project was to try and put together an article about the Royal Marines history. His first response was to tell me that it's been done many many many times before. His reply caught me off guard and made me even more determined to carry on with my project. I went on to explain that I believe I have something a little different. I then went on to explain that I was trying to record every single day of our 354 year history. I had this idea that as the Royal Marines have served in all parts of the world. Especially during the World Wars. While some Royal Marines were serving in Europe, others were serving in the far east. I wanted to bring it all together on an enlarged 'Historical Time Line'. Although I do realise that this is a mammoth task, and will probably take several years to complete. If in fact it can be completed. Here is the first Edition. I hope to publish up dated editions whenever possible, or at least on a yearly basis.
My first attempt was to build a website to start gathering as much information as possible. I will try and keep it running as long as possible. Although my long term idea was to try and hand it over to a Royal Marine organisation, which I still hope is possible?

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