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Chasing Chilly Pig

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The sentences are so brisk you'll find yourself half-way through the story before you know it. And the suspense is well paced, and it tosses in so many possibilities and clues to the lead character’s identity into the mix, there's no way you'll be able to set the story down until you read the whole story. Chasing Chilly Pig is a fantastic story!!!Detective Carl Johnson, is on the trail of Chilly Pig, Chilly Pig is a master of disguises and may appear to be anyone, but he cannot keep his right hand conceal forever; his thumb has been severed in an accident. Detective Johnson suspects that the criminal is somewhere in Virginia.
The small chunky minister returns, claiming that he had left a package and asked the woman to send it to a church in Chesapeake when it is found. The woman found the package after the priest had left, and sent it to a church in old Crestwood.

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