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8 Ways of Being: How to Motivate Yourself to Live Happy and Free Every Day

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I have worked with Kyra for a number of years and love how she has taken the tragedy of losing her 4 1/2-month-old baby boy towards empowering others to live a goal-inspired lifestyle of positive thinking and good health. Her passion for her purpose of making a difference in this world shines through with authenticity in this motivational piece of work. What a gift she has given us! I look forward to seeing what's next. --Dr. Josh Axe, Author of bestseller Eat Dirt, owner of the #1 wellness website in the country, doctor of natural medicine and clinical nutritionist


Kyra puts love into action in such a powerful way, reminding us, no matter the circumstances, to keep pushing forward. She is such a beacon of light. --Robyn McCord O’Brien, The “Erin Brockovich” of foods, bestselling author of The Unhealthy Truth, public speaker


Sometimes the greatest gifts we receive in life come in our toughest times, but our motivations for life-changing improvement can seem difficult, if not impossible, to tap into when we're struggling. We lose hope.

Kyra Oliver’s life changed dramatically when she received a phone call that her baby boy was not breathing. It was the tragic loss of her son that drove her to want others to know what she has done to get to the other side—to a life of happiness and freedom. Our motivations for life-changing improvement can seem difficult, if not impossible when we’re struggling. 8 Ways of Being is for anyone who is ready to shift to a positive mindset in their everyday lives. Using practical tactics and exercises, Kyra explains how you how you can live a healthy lifestyle filled with love, enthusiasm, and kindness. This book will change your life in ways you never thought possible.


Kyra is an author and wellness educator who combines fitness, food, and positive mindset to create a lifestyle that feels good.TM She is a marathoner, ultrarunner, triathlete, and fitness and wellness coach. A creative professional, entrepreneur, and public speaker, she started a non-profit organization ( to honor her son.

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