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The Eyes of the World

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Dodo Collections brings you another classic from Harold Bell Wright, ‘The Eyes of the World.’
A romance that takes place among the orange groves of Southern California. This is a morality play whose lessons are as suitable to an artistic society today as they were nearly a century ago. The characters include a portrait painter, a famous novelist, a young violinist, a respected media critic, and several irresponsible art patrons. The story laments the success given to the art that is corrupted by it. The novelist, Conrad LaGrange, professes that his own wealth and popular approval have been bought by calling attention to the indecent, thereby surrendering the dignity of his profession. Wright presents a sordid bunch who captivate us with their pomposity and gossiping harangue. The selfish art patrons are all-too-willing to watch how the artists prostitute their work and to allow their own reproach as long as they can control the power of the artistic transaction. Such is the power one of the patrons, Mrs. Taine, wields when she says to the artist, Aaron King, the following: My influence would insure you a favorable reception from those who make the reputations of men like you. I could have made you the rage. I could have made you famous.
Harold Bell Wright was a best selling American author of the first part of the 20th century. 

Between 1903 and 1942, this minister-turned-author wrote nineteen books, several scripts for stage plays, and several magazine articles. At least fifteen movies were made from his novels. Seven of Wright's books appeared on the top ten best sellers lists, two of them twice, including a number one seller in 1914, a number two in 1916 and a third best seller three times. 

He's best known for his work entitled The Shepherd of the Hills which was made into the well known, outdoor play, of the same name, performed in Branson, Mo.

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