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GENESIS PROJECT: Second Age of the Kasna: Shards: Genesis Project

241 pages2 hours


Despite Vong's best efforts to escape Dragon, Glowing Eyes is close on the young Kalek Warriors heels. His quest to find Rocky Bluestar is at an end, and his battle to retain the pieces of his shattered life has begun.

Meanwhile, Vong's teacher, Van Del-Himnor, who is searching for Vong, sends Zanth Nakoo and a team deep into the underground of Kasnatia to face the unknown evil that has taken Rocky. Darkness and horrors await, and not everyone will be getting out alive.

Elsewhere, the Keeper of the Undead continues his search for the lost Kal'sek Warriors. His quest leads him to a little known world called Nith, where a dark power sits on his throne as god of a lost tribe of Kal'sek, but who is this ancient being, this creature who calls himself, Dragon, and what will Mykyn do, when these two titans of power cross paths?

The world shaking conclusion to the Heaven's Gate arc begins here!

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