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Marriage Mentor: Supernatural Insight Into Marriage Code

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It contains marriage truths designed to help you adjust from human traditions, falsehood and dogmas that has positioned many in strait jackets of error, confusion and frustration into God’s truth. This is made available to make you free. Giving you and your spouse room to enjoy the best of God’s purpose and blessings for your marriage relationship.

This book looks beyond the exterior appearances of marriage to explore its underlying architecture. Its purpose is based on the belief that there are so many godly men and women of this generation, who are more concerned with what the Word of God says, than what men want to hear. Anyone who is married or contemplating marriage, and certainly anyone working in the field of marital therapy (counseling), will be richly rewarded by reading this notable work.

The content includes: Brands of Relationships, One Another Family Code, Twenty-one Irrefutable Relationship Needs, Possible Solutions to Marriage Hitches, How to access the mental and emotional health status of your “To Be”, What Marriage is Not?, How to Brand Your Family, Understanding the Psychology of your Spouse, How to Meet your Spouse Needs, Essentials of Choosing the Right Partner, How you are to solve the biggest marriage, problem, Training children to face life, Some mind blowing facts about worry, Myths on worry or anxiety, Thirty helpful reasons why you should not worry, The power inherent in the blessing, Managing your family blessing, Who is qualified to give the blessing?, When and what to give the blessing, and more...

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