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Tree Medicine Tree Magic

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Trees are now and have always been integral to the survival of humanity. Tree Medicine Tree Magic contains a wealth of information on some of the most common trees in the North America, Europe and beyond. Each chapter is packed with botanical, historical, herbal, practical, spiritual, mythological, folk magic and even culinary information. A must have guidebook for working with trees on a spiritual and/or herbal level.
“Tree Medicine Tree Magic by Ellen Evert Hopman is an in-depth look at the significant trees around us. Hopman successfully blends folklore - both European and American - herbal wisdom, and practical knowledge to create an indispensable text for anyone seeking to learn the magical and mundane properties of the trees that live side by side with us. It is truly a wonderful resource for Druids, Witches, Pagans, and anyone curious about this fascinating subject.”
- Morgan Daimler, author of “Where the Hawthorn Grows” and “Fairycraft.”

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