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Mystery at the Palisades Cabins: A Leah Crandall Mystery, #1

96 pages1 hour



The Leah Crandall mystery series will appeal to parents and children as they enjoy reading this adventure together. Follow Leah and her two friends, Laura and Zach, as they explore the trails and stone gazebo overlooking the Pallisdaes Park’s lake and country side. Readers will also get to know Leah’s parents, Chris and Mike Crandall and the family dogs, Molly and Ally while they spend a week camping in a cabin and hiking through Palisades Park and looking for the mysterious old stone cabins.

This engaging mystery follows a trio of young investigators as they try to unravel the clues and riddles of the mysterious old hiker, strange flashing lights and the curse of Cabin Number 7.

    … there came another crashing sound inside of the cabin.  All four of the explorers looked at the cabin.  Inside the cabin a light flickered behind one of the curtains and then went dark.  Wide eyed, the children looked at each other and then at Mrs. Crandall.

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