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Sealed With a Loving Kiss

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        Sealed With A  Loving Kiss.

The day Margot Giligan left the confines of her local all girls Catholic school on the  outskirts of her home town Belfast to begin life as a shop assistant were not only traumatic for her but very scary,since she had spent her younger years under the watchful eyes of the nuns that ran her school.Mrs Mcginty a local Hat shop owner had offered her employment at fifty poundsper week,and this made her proud she was able to contribute to the family since her drunken father was on short time at the local Distillery. This is a story of a love that blossoms through all adversity and set backs.Of how she is left pregnant and feeling alone after her married lover gets killed and life has no meaning for her save the baby. This is Margots story, a story perhaps many young girls can understand?.

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