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In a Galaxy ravaged by perpetual war, a rebel space raid on a military convoy causes the release of Jasper Horde, an augmented former test subject with superhuman abilities and a reputation as the most dangerous serial killer ever to plague the known systems. Freed from his seemingly inescapable cryogenic prison cell aboard a maximum security transporter, Horde reunites with his monstrous henchman 'The Grom'; a crazed mantid alien of unknown origin with an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Hijacking a highly advanced alien battlecruiser, the deadly duo embark on a campaign of vengeance against their captors; a mere prelude to Horde's masterplan to destabilise the entire system and topple its authoritarian regime. Standing in Horde's path is Captain Derek Gillard of the elite Judicial Agency for Transworld Investigation and Security who, after a catastrophic attempt to apprehend the fugitives, enlists the help of the renowned intergalactic bounty hunter and seasoned former government operative Mikhail Vytrek to mount a relentless hunt across the Galaxy for his nemesis. As the interplanetary body count rises, Gillard's political masters grow restless and a final brutal showdown beckons.....

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