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Many States of Pleasure

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Following the many adventures his home town as a computer repairman, and then his training in Venice and weeks at sea, working aboard the luxury cruise liner, Paul finally sets foot on American soil and begins his much awaited holiday, touring the United States in a large motorhome.
He plans to tour as much of the United States as he can fit in over the month long holiday, visiting both friends he has never met and some that he already has, sightseeing the places he had only ever read about or seen on television, and following the many others who had ventured along the famous Route 66.
Along the way his paths cross with a variety of people, ladies in particular, ladies who seem to want to experience an 'Englishman'. However the experience they desire is not just in communication, they want it more in a sexual way, some with and some without the knowledge and permission of their partners.
Originally his idea was to obtain casual work along the way to fund his tour, but the more than generous pay from the cruise line’s owner, and the very big-hearted ‘donation’ made by a rich lady passenger towards his holiday fund had made that unnecessary. Even on holiday he still finds his many talents in demand, just not the talents he really expected to be using, and these ladies that request his help only seem to want to pay him in one way.
In Kind!

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