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Pirates of Perz



The Pirates of Perz trilogy comes to a triumphant conclusion in the next thrilling adventure set in the magical kingdom of Lentari!

The invading pirates have stolen from dragons, pilfered treasure from subterranean dwarf cities, and proven themselves to be an all-around pains in the backside. The Lentarians, aided by husband and wife team Steve and Sarah, have tried to get the upper hand over their canny adversaries, but have seemingly failed at every turn.

Now, the race is on to uncover a second, all-powerful Alchos Stone, only this one is located in Lentari! Rumored to be hidden in a long lost Alchos Temple, Steve and Sarah are aided by a number of allies in a race to claim the second stone before it can fall into the wrong hands. To make matters worse, Flinn still has the first Alchos Stone, and the Lentarians are no closer to figuring out how to relieve the wily pirate captain of his greatest treasure than they were the first time they learned Flinn had it.

Plus, Usol - the all-powerful Earth Guardian - is still holding a grudge. Against Steve. Some days, your luck is just that bad.

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