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Detective Nosegoode and the Kidnappers

96 pages54 minutes


The second in a series of irresistibly charming, beautifully illustrated children's classics - the adventures of Detective Nosegoode and his talking dog, Cody

Detective Nosegoode is very proud that his faithful hound Cody makes an appearance in the new book Portraits of Extraordinary Dogs.

But with Cody’s newfound fame as ‘the world’s most extraordinary dog’ comes danger... A mysterious letter arrives, inviting Detective Nosegoode to a meeting at the secluded Birch Grove, and when he returns his canine companion is nowhere to be found!

Detective Nosegoode immediately sets to work, determined to use his legendary sleuthing skills to track down the culprits and save his friend. But the puzzle is a tricky one. Who are the mysterious letter- writers? Why have they taken Cody? And, most importantly of all, where are they hiding him?

This charmingly illustrated classic of children’s literature is part of the Detective Nosegoode series.

Marian Orłoń (1932-1990) worked as a teacher, and then a librarian while pursuing an extremely successful career as a children’s writer. His subtle sense of humour and exciting plots made the stories in his Detective Nosegoode series bestsellers in Poland. His books have now been translated into six languages. In 1981 he was given Poland’s highest literary honour, the Council of Ministers Award, for his life’s work.

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