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Dash o Doric: The Hale Lot

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When Sir Harry Lauder left a concert on Deeside he was mystified that his kokes had not got the response received elsewhere. It perked him up when, from the spilling audience, he heard a voice say, 'Fit a gran comic. It took me aa ma time nae ti lach.' The Humour of the North-east is found at less celebrated levels too. There is the tale of the middle-aged couple who had courted each other for almost thirty years, but had never got round to marriage. One day Jock decided to voice his thoughts on the matter, for he was worried that people were speaking about their phenomenally long relationship. 'Jean, Is it nae time the twa o's were thinkin' aboot getting mairrit?' 'Behave yersel, Jock,' said Jean. 'Fa wid hae ony o's noo?' The humour and dialect of the North-east forms a unique and hilarious blend. In A Dash o' Doric: The Hale Lot, packed with anecdotes and stories covering childhood, work, love and marriage, the kirk, the school, old age and several others, Robbie Shepherd and Norman Harper provide a fascinating tour of the wit and wisdom of the North-east of Scotland. This book, the third in the series, presents the best of the two previous volumes - A Dash o' Doric and Anither Dash o' Doric - as well as a whole range of new material, making it the best introduction to the wit and wisdom of the North-east of Scotland available.

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