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Embracing Excellence

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Although only a few attain to it, Excellence is the heart desire of all, with the difference existing between us being in the level of excellence that we apply ourselves to. Only those who give themselves to better attainment in life can improve on their status. The quest for excellence is inborn, which is why no human being celebrates failure.
Excellence is the only life force that compels you to greater riches by demanding higher standards for your personality. It is impossible to excel in life and retain a poor personality. With excellence as a guide post, there is inevitable character development and hence personal improvements that makes one a point of reference among men.
Excellence gives you a high class among many without you suppressing any! You stand out in the midst of greatness since your excellence is an internal system that displays itself on your externals. What you are in your inside is all we see on your outside and hence we marvel on how you achieve where many have failed.
Excellence makes you a sign and wonder in the sight of men, without showing off from your part! With the deepest humility you celebrate your highest attainments. The mystery of excellence makes you attractive and magnetic towards people without your knowledge of the same.
It compels men to follow you without your invitation. It makes a leader out of you, without any need to recruit followers. This is what these pages carry to your life. May you have an irrecoverable encounter with excellence! Read, Digest and Excel in Jesus Name, Amen.

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