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Dear Woman #You Deserve to Know...

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Others thought I had more than one book in circulation, yet up my sleeve I do...

It is important to take Care of yourself before you Take Care of Others.

Yodi said, ‘it, pin points the battle of finding Mr Right, changing from being informative to inspirational, still with a plethora of relevance.’

The qualities of the personal trainers in issues of love life is very infinite.
Without a vision you are a liability even to yourself let alone other people...

They are jealous of what you could become and therefore withhold guiding you...

Some men will tremble in your presence, dear. They will find themselves needing you, as a model and mentor. No one can curse the blessed like you. Be careful how you use this enormous power you posses.

Bizarre but unfortunate acts continue to unfold accompanied by more excuses, for a moment now he love you, and suddenly now he loves you not. When the personal trainers,who were shaping his life see for themselves that you are a cut above them they will ever respect you.

One therapy to deal with a disappointment head on is writing up part of what is causing it... When things, in your business, do not go as planed, what do you do? Between midnight and is the fertile creative time for you to visualise your plans, sing a song of deliverance over your life.

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